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 ABOUT US …. Why We Do What We Do: Small Business and Startup are in one of these three status: Supremacy, Survival or Sayonara.  Many do not have expertise and knowledge to have Small Business Solutions “in-house”.   They can not afford to invite Small Business Solutions services from outside sources.  As a result their business problems get worse over time and reach “Emergency Room” status.  When this occurs, it may be too late to recover.  Business has no option but to say Sayonara or barely survive.  So here is how we want to help solve their problems quickly and at affordable cost.

ABOUT US … What We Do: We connect Small Businesses to Small Business Solutions Providers virtually located in the virtual Small Business Solutions Shopping Mall for problems they want to solve!  We do it “Virtually Online” leveraging innovative and disruptive power of technologies and use curated Innovation Insights (Management, Product and Process Innovations).   We interface, interact and communicate ONLINE.  ONLINE approach enables us to access qualified small  business solutions quickly and at affordable cost.  

Management Team, Advisers and Business Partners:

Pradip (Peter) Bhatt

He is the Founder and CEO of AviGnan International Inc. and it’s subsidiaries Small Business Solutions Shopping Mall and iSolutionator.com

He has 30+ years of successful career as an IBM Executive of Marketing and Consulting Worldwide.  When he joined IBM in 1967, IBM revenue was about $6 Billion.  When he left IBM in 1997, IBM revenue was about $79 Billion.  He is an expert on how to grow business. He was a Business Partner of Bases Burke Marketing International for 4 years.  He has been successful Commercial Realtor in Las Vegas since 2001.

Our Management Team Members, Advisors and Business Partner have extensive expertise, experience and knowledge about all major issues and problems of Small Business and Startup.

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