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Small Business Solutions Mall:  We will connect Small Business to the right Small Business Solutions Providers in our Small Business Solutions Mall who will help you improve your Cash Flow.

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Small Business and Startup may be facing some of the following Pain Points, Issues and Problems.

  1. Revenue is very erratic and can’t be forecasted effectively.
  2. Account Receivable has long lead time and Account Payable has shorter lead time.
  3. There is no effective enforcement of receivable and payable policies.
  4. Employees don’t understand the importance and urgency.
  5. Collection process is too liberal.
  6. Don’t have adequate emergency back up plans.  Line of Credit is shrinking.
  7. Cash Management and Invoicing systems are obsolete.
  8. Payments plans offered to Customers are out of sync with needs for cash.
  9. There is a lack of oversight and accountability.
  10. Investments are not generating enough income.
  11. Very high Work In Process and Finished Good Inventory.
  12. Have no Cash planning.
  13. No synchronization between Receivables and Payables.
  14. No negotiated payment deals with Suppliers and also with Customers.
  15. Small Business Installment plans are rarely used.
  16. Books are disorganized.
  17. Carrying bad debts.  Checking Credit Rating before doing business.
  18. Small Business Credit terms are out of sync.
  19. Growth rate is not supported by Cash Flow level.
  20. Too many “Dead Beat” Small Business Customers.
  21. Late payments penalties are too liberal.  Collection process is ineffective.
  22. New approaches like “Retainer” and “Pay in Advance” are not tried.
  23. Employees are not Up selling and/or Cross Selling.
  24. Auctions and/or Bundled Selling have not been tried.
  25. Credit Card sales % is too low creating A/R problems.
  26. Should we be buying “Cash Rich” companies?

Cash is KING! Cash Flow is life blood for Small Business to operate by having liquidity.



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