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Following Specific Small Business Solutions Providers and lot more not shown are in our SMALL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS MALL:

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Small Business Solutions Mall:  We connect Small Business to Small Business Solutions Providers located in our Small Business Solutions Mall specialized in Customer Service and in developing Business Plan.   Let’s look at Customer Service in general.

Small Business need to create very high Customer Satisfaction, provide excellent Customer Experience and Loyal Customers.  High Customer satisfaction comes from knowing their needs and satisfying them.  Excellent Customer Experience means quick and easy interaction with Small Business.  Keeping Small Business Customers happy creates Customer loyalty.

Thoughts on Customer Satisfaction

  1. Managing Consistent and Reliable Service Levels, Relationship with Customers (CRM) and giving them the best experience (CRE) every time they transact with the company.  Making customers feel you care about them and you appreciate them.
  2. Leveraging Customers to find new customers.
  3. Segmenting customers – current and future – to provide right service to each segment.
  4. Having online real time feedback from the customers to gauge where are you now.
  5. Defining “Where do you want to go?” and “How will you get there?”
  6. Expanding / Scaling up the current markets and opening up New Markets.
  7. Systematically engaging with the customers ….. Communications and feedback.
  8. Keeping customers informed.
  9. Collaborating with suppliers, consumes and competitors.
  10. Having well defined and organized process to handle complaints and dissatisfied customers.
  11. Continuously training and education employees involved in dealing with customers.
  12. Implementing Walt Disney Culture – “Make People Happy” – in the entire organization.  You are in business of making your customers successful.
  13. Specially treating your best customers as opposed to other customers.
  14. Understanding what business your customers are in and why.
  15. Need to convert Customers in to “EVANGELISTS”, this is better than “Loyalists”!
  16. Making it easier for customers to complain.
  17. Training call center employees to handle Callers with extreme sensitivity to Customer demands and behavior.
  18. Handling inquiry calls and service calls with balancing between Voice Activation and Human interface availability.
  19. Getting Suppliers involved in handling customer complaints.
  20. Creating Responsibility and Accountability for Customer Satisfaction and Experiences.
  21. Getting Customer complaints resolved quickly and as promised.  Make follow up calls to make sure Customer is happy.
  22. Empowering employees to make decision to make customers happy right on the spot.
  23. Monitoring new customers, returning customers, frequent customers, referring customers,
  24. Doing Community Relationship by getting involved.
  25. Making charitable contributions.
  26. Win back unhappy and complaining customers as much as possible.

iSolutionator Solutions Mall has Qualified Solutions providers for Small Business and they are available to help you!


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