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Following Specific Small Business Solutions Providers and lot more not shown are in our Small Business Solutions Mall:

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Small Business Solutions Mall:  We will connect Small Businesses to the right Small Business Solutions Providers in our Small Business Solutions Mall who will help you do best Marketing.

Small Business and Startup are facing some of the following Pain Points, Issues and Problems:

  1. Small Business Market segments are not identified.
  2. Don’t know who are the buyers and why would they buy.
  3. We don’t know what is selling and what is not.
  4. Small Business has no organized plans.
  5. There is no money for advertising.
  6. There is no money available for Public Relations campaigns.
  7.  There is no feedback from the buyers – what they like and don’t like.
  8. What works in California does not work in New York.
  9. Small Business Competition is doing better marketing than us.
  10. There are no plans or strategy for social media / digital marketing.
  11. There is no Internet strategy.
  12. There are no effective channels to get market feedback.
  13. There is no segmentation of existing customers.
  14. Don’t know how to identify emerging markets.
  15. May not have talent, technology and strategy.
  16. Expectations for growth misaligned with potential.
  17. Marketing may be a low priority item.
  18. Barriers to entry for competitors are low.
  19. Increase the conversion rate from visitors to suspects to prospects to paying customers.
  20. Developing many maverick ideas rather than one Large one.
  21. We would like to turn our Customers in to our company EVANGELISTS but don’t know how?
  22. Marketing organization is ineffective and expensive.  There is a skills gap.
  23. Market research output was useless and too late.
  24. Business Analytics of related Big Data and market simulation not performed.
  25. Have to grow piece of the pie or grow the pie or do both.
  26. Bad selections of marketing and advertising channels.


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