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Small Business Plan for Customer Service with Great Experience = Competitive advantage

The Customer and Small Business relationship formula has substantially changed. The correlation between increasing customer satisfaction, customer service and increasing customer’s repeated spending with your small business is very weak.



Ease of access to and 24 X 7 availability of your Competitors’ product information makes your satisfied customers curious enough to browse for other better options, “Let me look at what else it there?”

High customer satisfaction ratings are typically desirable by Small Business Management. But the benefits are not nearly quantifiable clear. Indicators like “Customer Profitability”, “Market Share Increase” and “First Choice %” are true measures of benefits.



Small Business and Startup are rarely able to accurately quantify the cost associated with increasing customer service for satisfaction and quantify related benefits. Knowing a customer service satisfaction level tells you little about how he or she will divide his or her future spending among the different brands offered by competitors. Single brand loyalty is replaced by multiple brand loyalty. Customer service is main key for success of any small business and startup.

So, you are asking, “What do I need to do to grow my Small Business?”

customer service business analytics

customer service business analytics

“The secret of business success is to know something nobody else knows” – Aristotle Onassis

First you add another dimension called, “Customer Experience”. This has nothing to do with your products or services. Give your customers pleasant experience every time they do business with you. Make it easy to do business with you. Make it is easy for them to complain and/or give you feedback for improvements. Take care of their complaints – Pronto!

Second, make sure your products and/or services continuously exceed market expectations – Known and Hidden! You need to create New Markets, not just expand existing markets.

Third, you have to do business intelligence gathering and analytics to keep your business in tune with the ever changing Digital Market.

Ideal outcome you want is that your customers become “Evangelists” for your company and products. For an example, APPLE customers are “Evangelists” for their products. They will not switch to competitors’ products.

You as a Small Business can do only so much yourself.

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