Small Business Solutions : Do they always know what they need?

Does Small Business always know what Small Business Solutions they will need?

NO!  Not until they need it!

We conducted 3 years research about why 70% of Small Business and Startup go out of business during first 5 years of being in business.  We found some eye opening facts.  Here are our top findings:

  1. Small Business Doesn’t Know What They Need Until They Need It! When they realize what they need, they want it yesterday.
  2. Many times Small Business doesn’t know they have a problem until the problem reaches critical stage …. And then it may too late and have to say Sayonara to the business.
  3. You want believe this finding. Many Small Business don’t want to grow!! They think business growth means more work for them and they are already working their butt off now.
  4. Small Business can’t wait too long to find Small Business Solutions to solve their problems.
  5. Many Small Business doesn’t have “in-house” knowledge and expertise to find Small Business Solutions for all problems.
  6. Small Business can’t afford to go outside for help to find Small Business Solutions to solve their problems. But even if they do, they don’t know how to find qualified, dependable, ethical and proven source of solutions providers. Problems come up randomly and unexpectedly.
  7. Small Business owners are very proud that they started their business and made it successful. They believe that they know everything. But the business grows to such a level that they become obsolete.
  8. Most of the Small Businesses don’t have Business Plan. Even if they do, it sits on the shelf collecting dust. Problem with Business Plan is that Small Businesses are not capable of EXECUTING the Business Plan and keeping it current.

Now we know what major challenges Small Businesses and Startups are facing.  Question came up how we can help them stay in business and grow business!

So Small Business Solutions Mall was born.  Please visit for details.

Following Specific Small Business Solutions Providers and lot more not shown are in our Small Business Solutions Mall:

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We invite Small Business Solutions Provider to virtually locate in our Small Business Solutions Mall.

We invite Small Business and Startup to become Members of Small Business Solutions Mall Club to get access to Small Business Solutions Providers virtually located in our Small Business Solutions Mall.

CONNECT with us and Get CONNECTED!

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