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Small Business Solutions: Small Businesses constantly face with old and new problems. Some problems are known beforehand and some pop up unexpectedly and randomly. This is normal real world for Small Businesses.  Small Business Solutions must be found quickly and affordably.

So when you are faced with a problem, what are the options available to find Small Business Solutions? Problem may be in urgent, critical or “got time to solve” status. Let me describe obvious options:

1. You ask around to find “A Small Business Solutions Provider”. You ask family, friends and people in your business and personal network. They may refer you to someone based on their personal experience with a solutions provider or based on what they heard from their network of people.

2. Obviously going to Internet / Google GOD is a popular option. You search using proper search terms for solutions. Google GOD being fair gives you thousands of Small Business Solutions Providers for your problem.

I kind of compare Google Search Outcomes as going to a restaurant, telling a Waiter what you want to eat, then this Waiter takes you into the kitchen and shows you raw material, cooking utensils, Stove and Recipe and Cooking Instructions available online. Then he says, “Please cook your own meal …. All the Best”!

3. You may be already engaged with and happy with Solution Provider(s) and obviously will ask them for solutions. However, now days with fast changing world you want to get second and may be third opinion.

4. You may have a NEW problem that you never had before….. like IRS Audit or get sued for liability or new competitor eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner or you want to expand your business nationally or new Government Regulation can put you out of business or you feel you “had it enough” and want to sell business …. And so on. This type of situation requires uncharted course of action for solutions.

Enough Said! You already know what I talked about above! Fortunately, there is always a better and different way to find qualified and experienced Solutions Provider with proven track record to solve your Small Business problems. Please visit our website to find out a new way to find the best qualified Solutions Provider(s) no matter what your problem is. Following is the graphics describing the entire picture:
Please contact us via email or using Contact Us for becoming Solutions Provider to be located in our virtual Solutions Mall ….. and for becoming a Member of Solutions Mall so that you can go looking for appropriate Solutions Provider in our Solutions Mall.

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