Small Business Solutions for Management Problems

Urgent need for Small Business Solutions keep Owners up at night.  Problems pop up unexpectedly and randomly.   The sources for Small Business Solutions are many and it is difficult for Owners to find qualified and experienced Small Business Solutions providers.

So, I asked Google God the subject matter question.  Google returned 7,900,000 potential answers.  Following are answers I found in first three Google Response pages and I ranked them by priorities:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Government Regulations, Taxes and Complying
  3. Growing Revenue / Getting More Customer
  4. Increasing Profit
  5. Increasing Cash Flow
  6. Managing Business
  7. Getting $Capital
  8. Reducing Cost
  9. Economic Uncertainties
  10. Owner’s Personal Issues: Fatigue, Owner Dependence, Family
  11. Legal Liabilities
  12. Cyber Security
  13. Business Planning
  14. And there are many more smaller issues with lower priorities

solutions mall 7 - top 6 small business problems sept. 18 2017(1)

solutions mall 6 - solutions areas for manage business


Now the Billion $ question is how Small Business Owners could find Small Business Solutions providers to solve these issues quickly and affordably?  Any one of these issues could pop up in their business unexpectedly and randomly.

Each of the issue described above has many sub-categories.  For an example:

Small Business Solutions related to Human Resources: There are many HR issues like hiring right employees or employee retention or employee compensation or employee performance planning and evaluation or firing union and non-union employees or employee benefit plan or employee motivation planning.

There are thousands of Small Business Solutions Providers for the Issues and sub-categories related to #1 to #13.  The challenge for the small business owner is when problem pops up how to find the right Small Business Solutions Provider(s) with good qualifications, experience, and knowledge with good track record.  Generally, Owner can ask friends, family and/or business connections when problem pops up.  However there is no guarantee Owner will find the RIGHT ONE.

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CONTACT US to connect with qualified Small Business Solutions Provider(s) for YOUR specific problem(s).  Thank you.

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