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 ABOUT US …. Why We Do What We Do: Businesses and Real Estate Clients have needs that should be quickly satisfied.  So we have created Virtual Solutions Mall where Qualified and Experienced Solutions Providers are virtually located.  We will connect Businesses and Real Estate Clients to Solutions Providers in the Mall matching to satisfy their needs quickly and with affordable cost.

Management Team, Business Associates and Business Partners Network:

Pradip (Peter) Bhatt

He is the Founder and CEO of Business and Real Estate Solutions Mall and iSolutionator.com and Las Vegas Commercial and Residential Realtor.

He has 30+ years of successful career as an IBM Executive of Marketing and Consulting Worldwide for 30 years.  When he joined IBM in 1967, IBM revenue was about $6 Billion.  When he left IBM in 1997, IBM revenue was about $80 Billion.  He has been successful Commercial and Residential Realtor in Las Vegas since 2001.

Our Management Team, Business Associates and Business Partners Network is Huge and is leveraged to quickly provide right solutions. We have extensive expertise, experience and knowledge about all major issues and problems related to Business and Real Estate Industry.  

If you have questions, Please Contact Us at peter@isolutionator.com

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