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Human Resources Solutions: Small Business Solutions Providers in the Solutions Shopping Mall cover following major issues:



A. Hiring Qualified Employees

Continued success of any business depends on having well qualified employees to perform company’s critical mission and functions.  Human Resource’s main function is to get qualified new hire applicants and then vet them ti hire the best.  Company need to be on the top of Human Resources Small Business Solutions.

B. Firing Employees

Employees not meeting well defined performance criteria over a reasonable time frame should be fired with compensation determined through Human Resource’s separation policies.  Having non-performing employee is damaging to the future of the company. Company need to be on the top of Human Resources Small Business Solutions.

C. Outsourcing

There are many justified reasons for outsourcing jobs, projects, etc..  Here are major reasons: Temporary Work, No “in-house” skills and expertise, Lower Labor and Overhead Cost, Meeting time schedule, Ease of Management, Ease of termination, etc.

D. Compensation Planning

This is the most important mission of Human Resources.  Employees work for earning maximum money, not just loving the Company.  Compensation is one of the major factors for hiring and retaining qualified employees.  Compensation strategies include salaries/hourly rates, raise and bonus policies, benefits, awards, incentives, promotions, career path, etc.  Company need to be on the top of Human Resources Small Business Solutions.

E. Performance Planning

Well defined and results oriented performance planning is a key to Company’s success.  Human Resources have to develop performance plan for each function in the company.

F. Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation criteria, frequency and raise related to ranking must be defined.  Employee input must be solicited before evaluation is performed.

G. Employee Retention

Company invests lots of money on new hires to get them ready to do the job they are hired for.  After some time, Human Resources has to identify “Star” performers and must put in place a plan to keep them for a long time.

H. Equal Opportunity Employer – EOE

EOE is the Law and Human Resources must make sure it is religiously followed.  Company need to be on the top of Human Resources Small Business Solutions.

I. Diversity

Diversity is an indicator of race relations.  America is the most diverse country in the world which draws many qualified people from all parts of the world.

J. Labor Laws Compliance

Labor laws cover many areas such as minimum wage, overtime rules, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, country of origin, financial status, health issues, handicap, equal pay for equal work, labor unions and much more.  Company need to be on the top of Human Resources Small Business Solutions.

K. Benefits Planning

People work for benefits, not just pay check, particularly Healthcare Insurance and Retirements.  Also included is Workers Comp.

L. Promotion Strategies

Employees love promotions as it symbolizes status and ego boosting.  It also provides career path.  Human Resources must clearly define promotion policies.

M. Business Organization Planning

There are many forms of business entities such as sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, Partnership, Sub-chapter S etc..  One is better suited for the company then others.  It may be necessary to change entity type over time.

N. Relocation Strategies

Relocation issue becomes critical as company grows beyond certain level such as going national or global.  Also relocation may create better and faster promotional opportunities for employees.  Generous moving and living expenses are needed to compensate for uprooting employee family and leaving friends behind.

O. Payroll

Human Resources must select 100% foolproof Payroll processing – In house or outsourced.  Most of the people live from paycheck to paycheck and any delay causes huge problems for them.

P. Workforce Planning

This is THE CRITICAL MISSION of Human resources department.  This department must have top notch qualified professionals to do the job well.

Connect to Human Resources Solutions Providers

Connect to Human Resources Solutions Providers

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