Las Vegas Small Business Social Media Marketing Strategy

Let’s look at Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses.

Marketing for Buyers: For growing your small business, you have to figure out answers for following 2 important questions regarding Marketing and Market Strategies:

  1. Who are your Buyers?
  2. Why would they buy?

Have you, as a Small Business, figured out answers to these 2 marketing and market related questions for growing your business? If not, let us quickly review how you can come up with answers to these 2 marketing related questions.

The best Marketing is to educate Customers – Nylus Stanton

Components of Social Media Marketing

Components of Social Media Marketing

First, we have to look at types of Markets and Buyers to prepare for Social Media Marketing. They are:

  • Virgin Markets: Nobody is fulfilling this Market needs.
  • Undeserved Markets: Only few providers are there for satisfying this Market needs.
  • Emerging Markets: It is a new Market and the needs are known. They will grow bigger with time.
  • Mature Markets: Needs are well known and many are competitively fulfilling their needs.
  • Declining Markets: Original needs are becoming obsolete and volumes are going down.
  • Latent Markets: Needs are not known. Needs are to be created, discovered and fulfilled by you.

What type of Markets are you serving?

Have a “Brainstorming Session” to decide. For growing your Small Business, it is advisable to be in Virgin, Undeserved, Emerging and/or Latent Markets. Once this choice(s) is made, you need to look at who are the potential Buyers in chosen Markets.

If you want something you have never had, then you have to do something you have never done – Unknown



For an example, you are a XYZ Plumbing Company, 3 years in business:

You have done your Market and Marketing Analysis homework to get more buyers for your products. You have figured out that you want to be specialized in “24 X 7 Affordable Emergency Plumbing Service” Markets. According to your findings, this market is under-served in your City and there is a big potential for growth.

Let’s look at who are your Buyers? This information is used for Market Focus and Social Media Marketing.

  • Demographically: Single Women, Millennial and Seniors.
  • Home Types: Homes 10 years or older, Apartments, Condominiums, Town Houses.
  • Geographically: Old Neighborhoods, High Density Neighborhoods.
  • Other: Home Warranty Companies, Property Management Companies, New Home Builders.

Let’s look at why would they buy your services? This information is used for Social Media Marketing.

Available 24 X 7, Affordable, Reliable, Guaranteed 1 Hour or Less Response, Reputable, Money back guarantee if not satisfied, No charge for 2nd call if problem not fixed the first time, Can connect with you by Cell, Text, Email, 1-800 #, etc.

Services Offered: All Types of Water Leaks only.

Hope you got the ideas how answering two Marketing and Market related questions help you develop your Marketing and Market Strategies to grow your business.

If you have not gone through this analysis process and you need help, you should seek outside expert help.
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Connecting Businesses to Social Media Marketing Solutions Providers

Connecting Businesses to Social Media Marketing Solutions Providers

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